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Welcome to Divine Wine Extraordinaire

At the heart of Divine Society is the most breath-taking interior space in Asia-Pacific, anchored by the lofty grandeur of its Wine Tower.

Featuring the bold decorative art designs and textured planes of the Jazz-Age, Divine Wine Extraordinaire is an Art-Deco palace. Gilt Balconies front a domed ceiling rising to 15 metres in the central atrium, where inset frescoes are a counterpoint to the dazzling play of geometric surfaces. Exquisite fabrics decorate handmade european furnishings for a look of contemporary elan throughout the lobby. An espresso and Grappa Bar cushions at one end, providing the intimacy of a Continental Salon.

The spectacular centrepiece is the 12 metre high Wine Tower. Holding up to 3000 bottles, it chills over 200 varieties of the world’s finest wine vintages. Winging aloft, the world’s first Wine angels use an electric hoist to soar high above the bar to retrieve the selected wine. Flights of fancy for the world’s most unique high fliers.¬†Together with an extensive wine list, Divine Wine Extraordinaire also provides of selection of premium beverages.

DIVINE, Enjoyment of the world’s finest vintages, delivered on the willing wings of the wine angels.

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Wine Angel

Updates in progress

Wine Angel : August 5, 2014 4:34 pm : News

Dear Visitors,

Divine Wine Extraordinaire’s website is currently undergoing some upgrading works.

We’ve added two new pages; ‘Wine Guide’ and ‘Menus’. These pages are still being updated.

Meanwhile we hope to see you at Divine, our wine angel awaits your patronage!

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